Institute of Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award Winner

World Leaders In Small-Scale Pasteurizers, UHT/HTST Sterilizers and Aseptic Processors. Everyday, you come in contact, or consume products, whether it be a beverage, meal replacement, desert, or even medication, developed or even produced on equipment designed and built by MicroThermics, Inc.
Why do companies choose us? Because we enable our clients to reduce product development and/or production expenses, increase efficiencies, and reduce their time to market with new products.

Institute of Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award Winner
The Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award recognizes a company or organization for an outstanding development that represents a significant advance in the application of food science and technology to food production. MicroThermics received this award for its laboratory-scaled UHT/HTST Direct-Indirect Process System (DIP) with Full Automation. The use of the process simulator system significantly reduces the time-to-market and the developing, manufacturing, and processing costs of new products resulting in advanced quality, safety, and efficiency of food product production. “Institute of Food Technologists”

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